Announcement: Changes Being Made Soon

'Guten tag' fellow bloggers and readers, BankSea here with a pretty exciting announcement. I'd like to let you guys know that within the next two month i should be registering a .com or possibly .net domain. .net because I have looking into making BankSea[tb] into a network and renaming it BankSeaNetwork. Unfortunately is taken.
What I hope on making looks a bit like this. Click to enlarge

Back on track, I will be adding writers to the blog, although my website scripting skills are really lacking [I am only self taught] I will do what I can to integrate the new writers, they of which will be writing about different subjects which may not be technology related.

Currently I have a few friends who I have spoken to and have agreed to blog in BankSeaNetwork  about Gaming, Fashion /Beauty/ Pop culture and a few other things to come. Myself of which may be making tutorials  on using photoshop to design and edit photographs.

Stay tuned.


Publius said...

Can't wait to see it!

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