It seem that everyday were getting closer to the 'hovering/flying' cars and plasma guns with the new and compact technology we like to call our phones, or our touch screen music players. We would have never imagined a wireless device that could tell you your exact position on earth that fits inside your closed hand even twenty years ago. But now we would almost be surprised if no one had already though about it. The 'Recon Mod Live' for select ski goggles is a prime example of this futuristic technology I am talking about. 

We're getting to a point where games are crossing the line into simulators, if you've play Shift 2 Unleashed then you know what I mean. When you first start to play the game you will notice that, one, the graphics are awesome and two, the physics are great. At the beginning the game is quite difficult to play if you're coming from other style of racing games where you are used to knocking cars out of the road and going 200 mph into a concrete wall and being just fine. The Shift series like i said, is more simulator-like than previous series in the Need for Speed franchise.
the pc version of shift 2 unleashed
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