Game Review; Shift 2 Unleashed

We're getting to a point where games are crossing the line into simulators, if you've play Shift 2 Unleashed then you know what I mean. When you first start to play the game you will notice that, one, the graphics are awesome and two, the physics are great. At the beginning the game is quite difficult to play if you're coming from other style of racing games where you are used to knocking cars out of the road and going 200 mph into a concrete wall and being just fine. The Shift series like i said, is more simulator-like than previous series in the Need for Speed franchise.
the pc version of shift 2 unleashed

In Shift 2 your precision is tested. Taking a corner is more than just turning right as soon as you get to the end of the straight away. You must slow down or else face the consequences of hitting the wall hard which will cost you precious time or flipping the car over as you hit the grass or sand at 180 mph sideways.

I think the developers achieved their goal when they made shift 2. Amazing visuals from the HUD to the grid, the attention to detail when tuning the cars only helps make your individual car more unique when racing it against others when playing online, and even offline you can tune it to perfection. What is different in this game than many other simulator-like racing games is that you can make multiple tuned settings for your vehicle, where you can switch between the saved tunes to corresponding with a type of track weather its long with a minimal amount of turn or small with many turns, it takes the pain away from having to switch from settings if you are a perfectionist. Also, you may buy multiple of the same car in case you want to use them in different a racing class/tier or maybe just to give them a different paint job.   If this is your style of racing game i recommend you pick it up. I give this versatile game a 9.5 put of 10.


Publius said...

this game is phenomenal

M Fawful said...

Sounds like the physics are awesome. Graphics aren't bad either.

Rubes27 said...

Man I want this game. I have the first Shift and it was awesome!

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