(Video) Gadget Announcement: Recon Mod Live

It seem that everyday were getting closer to the 'hovering/flying' cars and plasma guns with the new and compact technology we like to call our phones, or our touch screen music players. We would have never imagined a wireless device that could tell you your exact position on earth that fits inside your closed hand even twenty years ago. But now we would almost be surprised if no one had already though about it. The 'Recon Mod Live' for select ski goggles is a prime example of this futuristic technology I am talking about. 

This little gadget is an attachment for compatible ski goggles. The recon Mod live a device which adds a Heads Up Display (HUD) like feature for skiers. The HUD has features which display travel distance, speed, air time GPS and much more. It also tells you when you get a phone call, although it will not answer for you, its still pretty fucking neat. It's a little pricey, going for 3 and 4 hundred, you might wanna consider getting a map, but if you can afford it, I don't see a reason not to get it, check it out for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Man thats cool. I feel like the future is finally catching up with science fiction.

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