It seem that everyday were getting closer to the 'hovering/flying' cars and plasma guns with the new and compact technology we like to call our phones, or our touch screen music players. We would have never imagined a wireless device that could tell you your exact position on earth that fits inside your closed hand even twenty years ago. But now we would almost be surprised if no one had already though about it. The 'Recon Mod Live' for select ski goggles is a prime example of this futuristic technology I am talking about. 

We're getting to a point where games are crossing the line into simulators, if you've play Shift 2 Unleashed then you know what I mean. When you first start to play the game you will notice that, one, the graphics are awesome and two, the physics are great. At the beginning the game is quite difficult to play if you're coming from other style of racing games where you are used to knocking cars out of the road and going 200 mph into a concrete wall and being just fine. The Shift series like i said, is more simulator-like than previous series in the Need for Speed franchise.
the pc version of shift 2 unleashed
I'm sure even Patrick Star has heard of it, and he lives under a rock. The GTA V trailer. The trailer to Rockstars upcoming game in the GTA series looks freaking awesome. Some gamers would say they were disappointed from the lack of features provided in GTA IV when compared to one of its predecessors, GTA San Andreas. The lack of jet packs, vehicle and character customization, and feeling of endless things to do just wasn't cutting it for some of its gamers. But I'm sure GTA V will do more than just sooth the pain. If you haven't seen the trailer or didn't pay enough attention, it looks like it will take place in Los Santos, possibly and hopefully the rest of San Andreas.

It was fun while it lasted, the game was so great I haven't posted much if anything since I started playing. Haha, well I will defiantly be getting the game. The maps are giant, the amount of players is completely ridiculous (in a good way) vehicles... awesome. It's a bit frustrating when you get pwnt, especially if your coming from CoD, but I did pretty well, my best KD was 47-7 what about you? Post in comments if you played or plan on getting.
"Hello again to all my friends", Remember that post I made a while back about iPhone coming (or going, depending on your side of the River Grand,) to sprint well me neither but... Yup, iPhone is on sprint now (if you're from the future i mean since it hasn't been released yet but), what does this mean? Double rainbow? nope... well maybe... possibly. But most likely means I will be retiring my BlackBerry Curve, it wasn't that fancy to begin with, but i was waiting till my contract was up to get a neat Android phone.

Any way back to real news, Apple recently had their little get together where all the hipsters holds hands and awaits anxiously, while drinking Starbucks, for Apple to release news on their upcoming gadgets that look just like the ones before but with cool sounding upgrade a suffix change like a number or letter, that being said OOOHH MY GAWWD [Skrillix reference], iPhone will be available on all carriers, yup ALL. CARRIERS!!!111oneone!!1 (I have
What has a 4 core processor, multi-touch screen, a camera in the back, a camera in the back, a six-axis motion sensor, dual, yes dual analog sticks, can talk to the internet though wi-fi and 3g, can play games just as well as your PS3 and fits in your pocket for just $299? You guessed it, Sony's soon to come Portable gaming thingy, PlayStation Vita. I could keep writing but that should be enough for you to want to go dig a hole in your back yard and put a box with $300 (or $250 for wi-fi only model) in it in the ground ready for sometime 2012 which is estimated time it will be 'hittin' tha streets of Compton' (North America). It will, though however, be released in Japan a bit earlier, so if your more anxious than just a little... book that flight for Japan before December 17th and brace yourself to stand in line and stop by a souvenir shop to get Perez something nice. 

Of course, we all know that Windows 8 is not going to look or act just like it is in the dev preview (is was released with devs in mind after all, not even beta testers so there is no room to criticize it for not being a cute as you'd expect) , but you get a general idea. The sleek design of the new start screen looks awesome  simple and easy to work. If you haven't tried it think of it like a windows phone 7, just in a larger screen a physical mouse and keyboard and a butt load of PC applications or... if physical keyboard and mouse isnt your style it will also be a tablet version when release (not sure if the Dev version works on tablet). I haven't gotten to play with it hands on just yet but from what I have seen it looks like an extreme change for Microsoft's Windows operation system, the traditional desktop hasn't been completely wipped out but like i said its only a dev preview, i wouldn't be surprised if they did get rid of it by the time of final released. I'm sure they could incorporate the old school desktop with the new WinPhone7 like start screen. For now it isn't great, but i'm not mad. Just wanting to get a beta hands on when it's ready. Microsoft, call me ;).

Sprint has not denied iPhone coming to the carrier nor confirmed it so it leaves a lot of room for speculation. So what would this mean for the company's? I say i would bring many customers to both. And Verizon and At&t could be left behind due to the fact that thier 'unlimited' plans aren't well... unlimited, they either slow you down if you use it too much or give you 2gb to work with, and when you pass the cap you have to pay for more data usage, but if iPhone comes to sprint & sprint doesn't change their unlimited plan for the worse, i think they could be on to something. I guess we'll have to wait and see, October 4th here we come.
Well almost everyone, you just have to be 18 or older but what i mean is that it is no longer invite only. And it is already at 50 million users, that may not sound like much in comparison to Facebook's user count (currently about 800 million) which is only 6.25% of the amount. But i mean it did only have 25 million last month, that's 200% the users in one months time. I don't know about you but I think if Google+ continues to grow at this rate Facebook may have to start making (more) changes.
Have you ever imagined how the world would be if there was one ruling government... called Google? Well i wouldn't be surprised if it happened. If you haven't noticed Google is most likely your search engine, your internet browser (Google chrome), you way of getting directions (Google maps), your mobiles' OS (android), maybe even your computer OS (Chrome OS), your email provider (gmail), your Social networking site (Google+) your means of video entertainment (YouTube) and so many other things you haven't even taken into consideration. But how did they get so powerful in the sense of technology, how do they get so many people to use their services? Easy, they make it free, all of the things i just mentioned above are free. They don't cost you a thing, in my opinion they are the perfect company, when they advertise they don't bug the hell out of you its simple text ad's. :) if you ask me I wouldn't mind google being my government because they're fair, They listen to their users, They're creative and they dont hide anything aginst you (or if they do theyre very good at it). What do you think? leave a comment.
Hello fellow bloggers and readers, I think is only right i introduce myself before posting blogs about my topic (which is technology in general). First off my name is Bank, but you guys can call me Sea since most of my friends do. I like things most geeky guys like me do. Computers, gaming, taking to the ladiees (over the internet). I also like designing (graphic design) my blog is in its early stages right now but soon after i get it going i will make sure to make it look really fancy for all of you to look at. that is all for now, i will begin to make more post as time goes by and bare my opinions at you guys about new things that come out in the world of technology.
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