What if Google Ruled the World?

Have you ever imagined how the world would be if there was one ruling government... called Google? Well i wouldn't be surprised if it happened. If you haven't noticed Google is most likely your search engine, your internet browser (Google chrome), you way of getting directions (Google maps), your mobiles' OS (android), maybe even your computer OS (Chrome OS), your email provider (gmail), your Social networking site (Google+) your means of video entertainment (YouTube) and so many other things you haven't even taken into consideration. But how did they get so powerful in the sense of technology, how do they get so many people to use their services? Easy, they make it free, all of the things i just mentioned above are free. They don't cost you a thing, in my opinion they are the perfect company, when they advertise they don't bug the hell out of you its simple text ad's. :) if you ask me I wouldn't mind google being my government because they're fair, They listen to their users, They're creative and they dont hide anything aginst you (or if they do theyre very good at it). What do you think? leave a comment.


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