"Designed for Humans and Inspired by Nature"; the slogan dedicated for the new phone by Samsung for the Galaxy S series, and despite it's cliche-like slogan, its true, at least the way they put it. Its 'pebble' like curves ' Inspired by Nature' make the phone look simple and comfortable, it was definitively not overdone.

It is very important to clean your computer every once in a while. After becoming used, your PC stores files temporally or permanently that you may never use again or need. Here are 4 different ways to restore performance into your PC using CCleaner.

First you must download CCleaner, of course. Visit this page and continue to download. [link] or download the latest version here. [link]

After downloading and installing your new software we can begin. Run CCleaner.

1. Run the Cleaner

Over time small files are saved onto your PC which can accumulate and create many megabytes or even gigabytes of unnecessary data which slows down your PC.

It's selected by default, it is located in the left of the window.

Note that if you want to spare some of your potentially erased data you may want to browse through what is going to be deleted, I like to save my Google Chrome data so I uncheck it.

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