It was fun while it lasted, the game was so great I haven't posted much if anything since I started playing. Haha, well I will defiantly be getting the game. The maps are giant, the amount of players is completely ridiculous (in a good way) vehicles... awesome. It's a bit frustrating when you get pwnt, especially if your coming from CoD, but I did pretty well, my best KD was 47-7 what about you? Post in comments if you played or plan on getting.
"Hello again to all my friends", Remember that post I made a while back about iPhone coming (or going, depending on your side of the River Grand,) to sprint well me neither but... Yup, iPhone is on sprint now (if you're from the future i mean since it hasn't been released yet but), what does this mean? Double rainbow? nope... well maybe... possibly. But most likely means I will be retiring my BlackBerry Curve, it wasn't that fancy to begin with, but i was waiting till my contract was up to get a neat Android phone.

Any way back to real news, Apple recently had their little get together where all the hipsters holds hands and awaits anxiously, while drinking Starbucks, for Apple to release news on their upcoming gadgets that look just like the ones before but with cool sounding upgrade a suffix change like a number or letter, that being said OOOHH MY GAWWD [Skrillix reference], iPhone will be available on all carriers, yup ALL. CARRIERS!!!111oneone!!1 (I have
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