Google France gets Sued for Providing Free Map Scerivce

Who would have thought? Someone giving away something for free, which not to mention belongs to them and then getting sued half a million Euros for being so generous. In the famous words of our mothers, "this is why we cant have nice things."

The french company, Bottin Cartographes which provides a mapping service to other company's for a fee, begun a legal battle with Google France two years ago claiming that Google used illegal strategies to remove its competitors, Bottin Cartographes being on of them. They told it to the judge and the French court ordered Google to cough up half a million euros, approximately $660,000.

I have a general idea and can understand why the company would do so, implying that they had begun their service well before Google Maps, they must have actually had a chance in becoming more used and over all a larger business, but they need to realize that some paid servicing can become obsolete due to the fact that they can easily and legally served free.

But of course, they are just milking Google for their money, I think some companies don't have enough respect for others.


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