Microsoft and its new Windows Logo for Windows 8

I would have guessed that Microsoft would have changed their Windows logo for Windows 8, that comes to us with no surprise. And I personally like when logos are simple/simplified, for example Google Chromes logo change, a few people didn't like it, but I and many others though it was awesome, and now we have all grown to love it. Even I simplified my own logo. But moving on to what I was saying.

The new Windows logo for Windows 8, in my opinion was a bit too simplified, and only slightly resembles the old windows 7 logo and its predecessors. It lost its various colors from the look of it and its flag like wave, it's now very basic but I think we will soon get used to it just like we did with the Chrome logo. I think I will still miss it though, the flag like windows logo was and is very iconic, I'd love to see the faces off the people who have windows logo tattooed on them when they see what Microsoft has done.

What do you think?



TrueM said...

I am testing windows 8..but I prefer Windows 7.

King Saso said...

I think it would be very similar to Windows &, but we'll see, I'll definitively gonna try it once it'll be released!

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