Windows 8 on your iPad

Its almost oxymoronic to even think about it, but here it is; Running the beta version of Microsoft's upcoming multi-platform operating system Windows 8 on Apples iPad.

Developers at a company called Splashtop have created an application for the Apple iPad that allows you to test the beta version of Windows 8 on the tablet itself. The application is called Win 8 Metro Testbed, it is directed towards developers which explains the price of $25. On their site the application is promoted as 
"As you code and debug your Windows 8 Metro app, test it out using an iPad! Get a feel for how your app will behave on a tablet running Windows 8 with touch gestures enabled."

Allowing the developers to get a native tablet feel for their Windows 8 applications is a very great idea. And without having to modify your iPad or any other tablet and voiding your warranty to run the beta version of Windows the application is totally worth the money. I am diffidently looking forward to see what the Splashtop developers have in store next.

To get the application or see how it is installed visit


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