Google: Project Glass

Have you ever have you ever imagined yourself walking around like your favorite video game character, maybe Nomad from Crysis with the fancy Heads Up Display and they really awesome Cryo Suit that lets you jump really high or run really fast? Well you're out of luck... technology publicly ;) at least is not quite there yet.

However, Google did announce really awesome news earlier this month through Google+ [link]. Project Glass, a project by Google X Lab is a project to research awesome technology and create a really awesome device. The device currently has no official name but it is a head-mounted device which have a very similar structure to glasses the main difference? it has a Heads Up Display.

There is contently not much information on the Project or a product, although The New York Times reported that there would a product available to the public by the end of the year at the cost of current smartphones. In the meantime, we can salivate to the video posted along with the news.


Anonymous said...

These glasses are absolutely amazing, must get a pair...

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